South Africa’s First Strongest Woman Competition

On 1 and 2 September at Gold Reef City, Johannesburg Liesl took part in South Africa’s very first Strongest Woman Competition.

Training for these events turned out to be a challenge and she admits, it was extremely frustrating at times. Strongman sport is not a big sport in Cape Town, and she would probably be more correct by saying it is non existent. No-where is there a place where you can train for events where equipment is available. A couple of strongmen have some of the equipment but not what I needed to train with for this competition. I had to simply train on strength and hope for the best on the day of the event without any technique training.

She explains, “it was like training on a treadmill to swim the 100m freestyle against Michael Phelps at the Olympics. You are fit but you cant swim.”

Despite the fact that she had to do 5 of the 8 events for the VERY first time in her life, she still managed to get 4th position in the competition and was ecstatic. “Walking up to a piece of equipment was facing a fear every time. There was no other option but to just do it. I should be the new face of NIKE as that seems to be what I am all about as an athlete. JUST DO IT!”, Liesl said.

Events included, 4 Ton Seated Truck Pull, Deadlift Max, 150 kg Yolk Walk, 200 kg Tyre Flip, 4 Ton Harness Pull, 50 kg x 2 suitcase Walk, 50 Kg Log lift for Reps, 70 kg Atlas Stone for reps.

“I am a 41 year old woman who has proven to myself that NOTHING is impossible. Like Nelson Mandela said, “It is only impossible till it is done” Liesl said with a big smile. 

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