Education About Bullying


Since 2012 Strong 4 Life has visited hundreds of schools across South Africa to educate about bullying.

It is not unusual for learners to line up after a talk to ask for help to turn their lives around from being a violent bully to using their power in a positive uplifting way. Children leave the talk feeling inspired to find their purpose with a full understanding that their experiences, circumstances and challenges does not define them.

The message of the power we all possess inside to overcome and be who we are meant to be is received with great enthusiasm.

Teachers often also sit with tears in their eyes during the talk recognising how they themselves might still be carrying wounds from their school years with them to this day. Strong 4 Life teaches how to turn wounds into scars and how to celebrate the scars.

Strong 4 Life encourages kids to be REAL. To find their uniqueness and to drop the mask they have put on which is either protection or something they chose due to pressure from society. Instead of teasing someone for being different, they are taught to understand that we are ALL unique, different and incredible in our way.

The focus is taken away from the negative and learners are guided to focus on the positive and to live life fully as each day is a gift.

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This was deep, I learnt so much. I believe I had a major personal breakthrough today

The pupils mentioned that it was not the usual type of anti-bullying talk and felt they could relate to it better than any other talk in the past

Liesl your message was powerful and you are definitely changing minds, hearts and lives. Thank you.

Since your talk we have had not ONE incident of bullying. We would love to refresh the learners minds on a regular basis by having you back.

You encouraged the girls to stand up to abuse and to understand that the abuse is not about them but with the bully who has deep seated issues. You encouraged the bullies to seek help. I believe the girls learnt SO much and what you spoke about will empower them to deal with difficult issues and not to give up on their dreams and ambitions.

I think it was fantastic. She was REAL and brought the message across in a meaningful way. I will leave school at the end of this year carrying her message with me.