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 Liesl Schoonraad will be working in schools in the USA and organizing sporting events for USA veterans from 2019 on a 3 year contract with H.O.P.E. Organization based in New York USA. We will keep you updated on this website or visit www.USA-Hope.com

About Strong 4 Life

The brainchild of Liesl Schoonraad, who at the age of 40 started to set amazing physical challenges for herself to prove to herself and others that we are stronger than we think and that we have the choice to live our purpose or to allow our experiences to change us into something we are not. You can read more about these challenges on the “Liesl’s Strength Challenges” page where she proves that nothing is impossible.

Liesl is now a motivational and inspirational speaker and visit schools to show we are not alone in this world and we are all having a difficult time with this thing called “life”. She tackles the problem of abuse and speaks directly to the abusers and the victims in her talks. “If we manage to get to the point where we find out inner strength and can drop the pretenses, we find we have so much energy to change ourselves and our world. “Society has told us to be a certain way and we spend so much time and energy on trying to be what is expected of us. Life is tough and we have zero energy to spend pretending. “Liesl says. She finds her personal strength in God who guides her daily and gave her inner peace after MANY tough life knocks.

Standing up and standing strong for the underdog is something Liesl feels strongly about. She will be the first one to speak out when someone is being victimised. Her strong yet gentle personality makes that people feel drawn to open up towards her. She has a special place in her heart for people living with Cerebral Palsy.

Society as taught us to focus on treating symptoms and we often see “Stop abuse” “Stop bullying” but how do we stop it? We can wear black to show our support against abuse but how is that reaching the people it needs to and how is that changing them?

Sadly, and way too often, abusers are often victims of abuse themselves and this creates a vicious circle in our society. Trauma, hardship and abuse does not discriminate and we find it amongst all races, all genders, all types of relationships, all income groups, all ages and all across the globe.
Liesl does one on one consultations with people of all ages to help them see their life from another perspective and how to change it. It is a simple choice. She is a qualified trauma worker and has not only experienced trauma herself, she has also seen it while doing on site trauma support. She also helped with fundraising to build a local safe house for victims of abuse.

Strong4life’s mission is to educate the public about abuse, all forms and what we can do to stop it in our lives. It takes courage but when life hits us so low we have nothing more to lose, it is becomes a simple choice. Working with people who WANT to change is our passion.

“If you think life is tough, change your life.”

Depending on which level your strength needs attention, we guide you to find that strength, face your fears and come out a person filled with confidence.