Strong 4 Life is all about supporting people to become Strong 4 Life. We live in a tough world full of challenges and to become emotionally resilient and intelligent is power. 


5 Missions of Strong 4 Life



1. Inspirational Speaking/Public Speaking/Guest Speaking

Liesl Schoonraad has been an Inspirational Speaker since 2012. These events has been at thousands of schools to the youth to inspire them to become Strong 4 Life.


Liesl has also been speaking to adults groups and audiences where she inspires people to find their purpose to become who they are meant to be. 


To book Liesl as a speaker please email us from the contact page.


2. Education in schools regarding abuse/bullying

Bullying in schools is a global reality. Although we prefer not to use the word "bullying" but rather calling it what it is, abuse, it is a sad situation where the cycle of abuse is not broken.

Over the past 6 years we have had tremendous feedback from kids who have come to understand that they are not their circumstances or experiences and becoming emotionally resilient is the key.

Please contact us for tour dates to your area.


3. Sport Psychology and Counselling 

Liesl sees children and adults on a one on one basis to support them to become the best they can be. Emotional resilience and self-awareness being the two things she focusses on.

Assisting and guiding people out of abusive situations and supporting them mentally and emotionally. There is ALWAYS a solution to any situation, the solutions simply needs to be found. 


4. Training 

Strong 4 Life hosts workshops for teachers at schools as well as workshops for people who want to grow in self awareness. 

We have also done training with social workers for Cancer Care as well as talks for cancer patients and families. 


5. Event Organiser (Charity events)

 Although Liesl has retired from Strength sport and Strongwoman, she occasionally organises Charity events to raise awareness and funds for charities.  Keep watching this space for upcoming events.