THE CHILDREN ARE OUR many times have we all heard that but how many of us sit back and really absorb what exactly that means? In South Africa a child is raped every 3 minutes! That is 480 children every 24 hours!


This is only rape statistics, not even speaking about neglect, physical abuse, abandonment, etc of children.

So what does that say for our future?

Since 2012 Liesl Schoonraad have been speaking at schools against abuse and reaching thousands of learners across South Africa.

The aim is to educate the youth that the pain we suffer does not define us. We always have the choice to pursue our purpose and deal with the pain instead of taking it out on another being and making yet another person experience pain.  At strong 4 life we know that the abuser was a victim at some point, no baby is born to abuse, life turns innocent children into victims and lack of knowledge and support turns many of those victims into abusers. A cycle that needs to be broken!


Our youth needs to have a platform where they can be heard and speak about the trauma they have experienced so there can be healing instead of the victim turning into an abuser himself.

There is a horrible word called "bullying" which is a little pink ribbon word for abuse. Liesl Schoonraad is a person who does not believe in wearing masks and calling an abuser a bully is making the person sound like they are a three year old at play school biting a friend for not getting their way instead of calling it abuse and accepting responsibility for actions.

Once we are aware of our actions we have to take responsibility for it. Abuse is abuse. Hurting another person is abuse.

Besides the talks at schools strong4life also hosts strongman competitions, and soon other sporting events, to raise awareness and funds for charities who stand against abuse, specifically of children.

Please scroll through our pages and feel free to contact us should you require any further information or would like to book a talk at your school or parents evening.